Nitro-poached green tea and lime mousse - The Fat Duck

DINE #4: insider access to the world’s best chefs and restaurants


It’s hard to believe we’ve been booking our members into The Fat Duck for more than 20 years. To celebrate, in this issue of DINE we caught up with Heston Blumenthal to discover the inspiration behind his most extravagant dishes and how he changed the face of contemporary cooking. We also catch up with the most decorated female chef in the world Anne-Sophie Pic on why the proof is still so often in the plating, and shine the spotlight on the next generation of chefs who are redefining the future of food


It's also packed with dining inspiration, including one of London's most iconic Michelin-starred dishes: Gymkhana's muntjac biryani, and a look at how the Cape is recovering after one of the world's strictest lockdowns.